GERRITY CAPITAL | 2020 Overview

Gerrity Capital is a privately-held Property Technology (PropTech) investment and development company founded by 30-year veteran real estate, media and technology entrepreneur Michael J. Gerrity.

The firm’s core focus is on developing intelligent solutions for many significant problems facing the $280 trillion addressable global real estate industry that include:

  • High fragmentation
  • Lack of standardization
  • Archaic laws and business processes in many countries
  • High transaction friction
  • High transaction costs
  • Rising customer acquisition costs
  • Lack of transparency and high incidence of fraud

Yet annually, the global real estate industry conducts over $13 trillion dollars a year of combined Residential, Commercial, Vacation and Land property transactions.

GERRITY CAPITAL researches, identifies, funds and develops — in collaboration with investor partners worldwide — transformative digital news and information platforms, big-data and AI-driven property listings platforms, and Blockchain-based platforms – for the global property industry.

Our goal is to create significant long-term shareholder value by building companies that disrupt large key industries on a global scale by leveraging enabling new technologies, innovative new business models, processes and inspired human capital.

Each portfolio company is developed independently, with different ownership legal structures, investors, target markets, clients, industries, technologies, patents and separate investor exit events.

Portfolio Companies Include:

The World Property Journal is a 9-year old and Miami-based global digital real estate newspaper with millions of annual online readership (worldwide) that currently is the top organically ranked “International Real Estate News” site in the world by Google (and 54 countries). WPJ’s daily market news is constantly sourced, quoted or mentioned each month by other mass media outlets that include: Bloomberg News, The National Association of Realtors, National Real Estate Investor Magazine, NASDAQ, TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, AOL News, NBC, CBS, ABC, Wall Street Journal and many others.

Global Listings, Inc. is a new and very fast-growing company with offices in Miami, Fl and Irvine, Ca. As the top-ranked "International Property Listings" site in the world by major search engines like Google, now enjoys over 2.4 million+ active property listing uploads each month from over 100+ different countries — and growing fast.

For The Tenant, Inc. ( is a newly emerging global commercial real estate brokerage firm and online Lead Generation platform launching in mid-2019. The company’s online platform sources, captures, vets and refers out individual corporate real estate space search needs to local and licensed commercial Tenant Representation brokers around the world (on a real estate commission sharing basis). The commercial real estate categories accommodates is office, industrial, warehouse, flex, manufacturing, retail and co-working business space needs in 200 markets worldwide.

BlockTitle, Inc. ( is an emerging ‘blockchain-powered’ real estate title company and global property registry platform, launching in 2020.